Areas of Practice

Personal Injury

Rosen Law Group’s attorneys are fierce advocates of client’s rights when injured by someone else’s negligence, carelessness or wrongful conduct. The firm represents clients who have been injured, disabled, or suffered the loss of a loved one (death) by auto accidents, truck accidents, airplane crashes, medical and nursing home negligence, birth injuries, prescription drugs, products liability, homeowner/business premises negligence, construction accidents, explosions, automotive liability including tire defect cases, and other negligent acts.

Through experience, the attorneys at Rosen Law Group have developed the right formula to maximize personal injury recoveries. A thorough investigation of the accident and injuries, a detailed review of medical records and professional analysis of legal issues provide the ingredients for success. Financial compensation to which you may be entitled include: car repair/replacement, medical expenses, past and future physical pain, impairment, disfigurement, emotional stress, hardship and lost wages. Rosen Law Group vigorously seeks all categories of damages to obtain maximum results.

Medical Malpractice

Successful litigation of medical malpractice cases requires attorneys who have the knowledge and resources to thoroughly investigate claims, including conducting detailed evaluation of medical records and other documents in order to determine whether a doctor, hospital, nursing home or other medical professional has breached the standard of care and has caused a serious injury.

Rosen Law Group has experience representing clients injured by a failure to diagnose or delay in diagnosis of an illness, misdiagnosis, surgical negligence or errors, birth injuries or trauma, brain damage, cerebral palsy, failure to consider adverse reactions or misuse of prescription drugs or medical devices, failure to properly treat a patient and other injuries.The firm analyzes each client’s damages, including economic damages arising from impairment as a direct result of medical malpractice, in order to ensure the highest monetary award for the client.

Legal Malpractice

The attorney-client relationship is one of trust. An attorney is charged with the highest duty of care known to law. When an attorney violates that trust/duty or otherwise is negligent and fails to perform as required, the client is the one to suffer and pay the price. At Rosen Law Group we expect all attorneys to act ethically and perform the duties and obligations to their clients with the appropriate standard of care zealously and to the best of their ability. At Rosen Law Group, we back up that expectation by taking on attorneys who fail to perform as required.

Pursuing legal malpractice claims requires an attorney who has experience, knowledge, resources, and the fortitude necessary to get the job done. Paul B. Rosen has an established track record of assisting clients in righting the wrongful or negligent conduct of other attorneys. Mr. Rosen is particularly proud to take on cases against unscrupulous lawyers who take advantage of their clients; and will provide the dedication and his unique winning formula to obtain the results you deserve.

Auto/Trucking Accidents

Automobile and truck crashes account for more injuries nationwide than any other type of accident. Many are caused by reckless, impaired drivers or those who fail to follow the traffic laws. Victims of automobile and trucking accidents need aggressive, competent and experience attorneys in order to protect their rights and obtain just compensation; an attorney experienced with both the Federal and Texas Motor Carrier Safety Rules and Regulations.

Rosen Law Group have years of experience and a solid reputation providing representation to accident victims and their families, including tough negotiation tactics with insurance adjusters, insurance companies, and corporate representatives and their counsel.

The attorneys strive to achieve excellence in their method and manner of achieving top results, including challenging insurance company attempts to down-play the extent or cause of injuries, by using investigators to locate witnesses, secure evidence, and scene investigations, employing experts to examine the proximate cause of the accident and maximize damages. The Rosen Law Group employs competent staff to ensure client communication, presenting and accumulating evidence, ensuring all relevant deadlines are met and client communication is maintained.

Commercial Litigation

Rosen Law Group commercial litigation practice includes international commercial litigation, focusing on helping business clients resolve disputes in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

Representing clients in all kinds of business disputes, including breach of contract and fraud, the firm’s attorneys are skilled negotiators and litigators, helping clients in all kinds of commercial transactions, state and federal court litigation, mediation and arbitration.

Currently representing multiple international businesses with home offices in Mainland China, Rosen Law Group has established contacts and resources in Beijing and Shanghai.

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Rosen Law Group handles matters involving wills and trusts, estate administration, and estate litigation.

Areas of practice include, but is not limited to: wills and estate planning, powers of attorney, probate, heirship, as well as living trusts, real estate trusts, business trusts, and spendthrift trusts.

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